Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skin Boils Cure and Prevention - How to Cure Boils Without Expensive Drugs Or Supplements

How My Proven Boils Cure and Prevention Program Ended 3 Years of Vicious Boil Outbreaks
I battled vicious skin boils for 3 long years. My body has been peppered with deep bruises, painful swelling, dark blemishes, and permanent scars. It's no exaggeration to say my skin boil condition cost me a small fortune between all the over the counter skin boils cure, house cleaning supplies, and doctor bills.
I was diagnosed with a severe strain of staph bacteria that was very aggressive. Once I had a breakout, it was only a matter of time before it spread. I was so desperate to stop it that I would panic anytime anything resembling a boil appeared on my skin. I was honestly an emotional wreck and I felt helpless.
I got to the point where I tried just about any skin boils cure on the market - often wasting a lot of money through my trial and error process. I was just so frustrated and fed up. One week, I began a very bad skin boil outbreak that caused me to go to the emergency room (primarily because I had skin boils forming on my face). My doctor's "skin boils cure" for this consisted of getting the boils drained and patched. When I left the ER with my antibiotics and doctor's bill in hand, I told myself I would find a way to stop these attacks so I never had to go through this again!
I was determined to find an effective skin boils cure. I got on the internet and spent the next several months looking at medical research, talking to Dermatologists, and emailing other skin boil victims. I did this until I finally found a proven skin boils cure. This skin boils cure has also allowed me to prevent future outbreaks as well. I have gone 14 months without a single skin boil outbreak!
Skin Boils Cure and Prevention Program: Skin Boil Prevention is the Best Skin Boils Cure!
To understand how to completely rid yourself of staph bacteria so you do not get skin boils anymore, first you have to understand the most critical stages of skin boil attack. For staph bacteria to successfully invade your body either through a hair follicle or a break in your skin, 2 absolutely necessary things must occur:
- Staph Bacteria must be near a break in your skin (to be present for the invasion).
- Staph Bacteria must be able to quickly overcome your body's natural defenses.
If you can stop these two vital steps, you can prevent a skin boil attack altogether. However, doing this requires a little more work than meets the eye. However, the 2 major steps for this proven skin boils cure and prevention program are simple enough for you to start doing it right now!
1) Enhance Your Natural Immune System Responses
The primary way to stop your skin boils from coming back is through immune system support. This is the most vital part of this program. If you can provide a compound shown to fight off your skin boils internally - you can successfully suppress them!
There are several natural products out there for under $10 that not only strengthen your immune system response, but also have been shown (tested) to be VERY effective at fighting off the nasty strains of staph bacteria that cause skin boils.
(For more information on what to use, please visit my website at the bottom of this article.)
2) Cripple staph colonization on your body
If you suffer from skin boils that keep coming back, it is usually a sign staph bacteria have colonized on your body. This means the bacteria are being carried on your skin just waiting for the opportunity to infect you!
This is why reducing the amount of bacteria on your skin is vital to both an effective skin boils cure and the prevention of future boil outbreaks. What's more, this can be accomplished by simply using the right kind of soap and/or lotion on your body.
Ensure you wash your body with a cleanser that doesn't over dry but still provides gentle antibacterial cleansing. There are several soaps out there that claim to provide "antibacterial cleansing" but in the process they dry your skin out. This can cause micro tears on your skin that can be easily infected by staph bacteria causing you more skin boils than non-antibacterial soap.
Recently, several non-prescription body washes have been studied, but only a few have been shown to specifically kill nasty skin boil causing staph bacteria. This even includes more dangerous strains of staph like MRSA. The key is to finding a good one and eliminating the bacteria on your body.
For more information about which one to use, please visit my website.
Collectively, these two actions are enough not only to provide a solid skin boils cure, but to help you prevent skin boils altogether. They have allowed me to go more than 14 months without a single skin boil!

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