Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Serious Health Risk in Body-Building Supplements

The US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, recently issued a Public Health Advisory about dietary supplements for body-building that contain potentially harmful steroids and steroid-like substances. It warned consumers to immediately stop using any dietary supplement that promised steroid-like effects, such as rapid increase in muscle mass. The agency's Public Health Advisory to consumers and health care professionals stated that it had been notified of five adverse events among men who used these supplements. These men suffered serious and potentially life-threatening medical problems, including strokes, serious damage to the liver, pulmonary embolism (blockage of arteries in the lungs) and kidney failure. Products containing anabolic steroids carry the risk of severe liver injury. Other long term health risks from the use of anabolic steroids include breast enlargement, infertility and shrinkage of the testes in men. Women who use steroids risk increased growth of facial hair, deepening of voice, shrinking of the clitoris, and disruption of the menstrual cycle. Both men and women users face increased risk of heart attack and stroke Symptoms and indicators of serious side effects include fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, weakness or fatigue, abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, or brown or otherwise discolored urine. The FDA recommended anyone experiencing any of these symptoms report them to their doctor or other health care immediately. It urged all users of these supplements to tell their health care provider about any body building supplements they are using. Some of the cases reported to the FDA required hospitalization, but to date no deaths or complete liver failures have occurred. These five adverse events were cause for grave concern, and the FDA felt it had to act to protect consumers. The Commissioner of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg MD stated that "products marketed for body building and claiming to contain steroids or steroid like substances are illegal and potentially quite dangerous." Although the FDA is prohibited by law from regulating dietary supplements, it monitors products on the market. When it finds a supplement which in fact contains unapproved and misbranded drugs, it has the authority to require the manufacturers and distributors to cease and desist the illegal marketing of them. In addition to using unapproved and misbranded drugs in a product sold as a dietary supplement, the marketers of these dangerous products had also failed to provide adequate directions for consumer use. The Public Health Advisory to warn the public and healthcare providers about risks of these products was only one of several actions taken. The FDA also wrote a strong warning letter to a company that is the major manufacturer and distributor of these supplements, and it has secured a search warrant to review the company's records. It is now examining the supplement market, and gathering information about other substances sold as supplements and marketed as body building aids that may also use steroids or steroid-like substances as active ingredients. The FDA's website provides more information about these dangerous supplements. If you or a loved one has used body-building supplements, and you have suffered medical injuries as a result, you will want to consult with an experienced drug and supplements attorney to determine whether you have a claim against the manufacturer. You should consult an attorney as soon as possible, because most states have laws called statutes of limitations, which determine how much time you have after an injury to file a claim. If you delay, your right to file a claim may be irrevocably lost.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nutrition Supplements That Increase Strength and Endurance

Increasing strength, endurance and stamina is a goal for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their athletic performance and build muscle over a short period of time. While this goal can be reached with a sufficient amount of intensive workouts and a healthy diet, taking nutritional supplements that support muscle repair and recovery is another essential part of the process. Many athletes and bodybuilders turn to drugs and steroids to support their health and fitness goals, and even though these can offer short-term gains and dramatic results, the side effects can negate many of the benefits. For those who want to gain muscle and build strength but forego non-natural drugs and supplements, a natural alternative such as Stemulite may be ideal. Stemulite's formula contains a wide variety of ingredients, all natural, with proven benefits for those working towards better physical fitness. If you are following a fitness plan including a nutritious diet and rigorous workouts, Stemulite offers a safe, effective boost in endurance. Key Ways to Increase Endurance and Muscle Strength For those trying to become more fit in a natural way, there are really just a few key factors to consider. First of all, one must obviously exercise frequently, and secondly, eat a balanced diet consisting of sufficient carbohydrates and lean proteins. The third key element of all natural fitness is to take the right dietary supplements. Supplements containing natural ingredients like l-carnitine and alphalipoic acide, which are proven to promote healthy cell function and metabolism, can be a valuable complement to any natural fitness plan. One oft-neglected facet of overall fitness is sleep. In order for your body to function well during your waking hours, it needs to have sufficient down time to repair itself, and that means a full night's sleep. Those who neglect this natural need, or who are unable to fulfill it due to insomnia, pay the price in daytime tiredness and poor endurance. If getting a good night's sleep has proven difficult for you, you may want to look into taking a supplement such as melatonin, to help you relax naturally. Finally, athletes who want to increase strength and endurance must take supplements at the right time of the day. Taking a nutritional supplement either before or after a workout ensures that the body can absorb the nutrients necessary for rebuilding and repair, and metabolize everything efficiently. Without taking these conscious steps towards health and fitness, athletes can put themselves at risk for mental and physical fatigue, reduced muscle gains and inadequate performance. Why Stemulite Works for Athletes With so many supplements claiming to offer a boost to those seeking greater physical fitness, how does one know which ones are really safe and effective? Instead of taking possibly perilous synthetic supplements, try Stemulite, which incorporates time-tested, natural ingredients including ALA, L-Carnitine, Beta-Glucan, and Serrapeptase. These ingredients really work to help make you more physically fit, and offer benefits that the vast majority of dietary supplements on the market cannot provide. If you eat right, exercise, and take Stemulite before or after your workouts, you can reap the benfits of an all natural metabolic boost and improved body chemistry, helping you to become stronger safely. With a healthy diet and an intensive workout plan, Stemulite is an all natural stepping-stone to peak physical fitness. Many athletes and bodybuilders committed to building muscle naturally swear by the efficacy and safety of Stemulite. Here's what Corey Simpson (Mr. Florida) has to say about Stemulite: "In the first couple of days on Stemulite I increased the weight I was lifting by 30% and I doubled the amount of repetitions in my workout. In weeks, my muscle definition changed and I dropped excess water weight. Stemulite also gives you a great sleep which is so important for recuperation." In contrast to all the ineffective supplements, steroids, and synthetic drugs available on the market, Stemulite has the power to help your achieve your fitness goals, without worrying about dangerous side effects.

Male Herbal Supplement Vs Pharmaceutical Drugs

The male ego is a very sensitive thing. It needs to be constantly stroked and can be shattered by a large number of reasons, ranging from the trivial to the life-changing. One such factor that may adversely affect the male ego is erectile dysfunction, which is why the male supplement business has grown very big in a relatively short time. Products that address the problem of erectile dysfunction come either as prescription drugs or herbal supplements and the battle is still on as to which is the best form of supplement to take. Here we discuss the benefits of taking a male herbal supplement over pharmaceutical drugs. The superiority of natural supplements over prescription pills can be summarized into four main points. First, you do not need a prescription to take herbal supplements since ingredients are all natural and they are not restricted by FDA laws. This means that you can avoid the cost of visiting a doctor and avoid embarrassment by having online products shipped discreetly to you. Second, herbal supplements do not have any known side effects, as opposed to prescription drugs which have been reported to cause headaches, flushes, upset stomachs and vision changes. Take note that some prescription male supplements have even been linked to heart attack. Third, a male herbal supplement not only addresses erectile dysfunction but also provides you with additional health benefits that normally come with the all-natural ingredients used in the product. Most of these products have natural antioxidants that can help fight off cancer cells as well as the signs of aging. Many men have reported having a renewed sense of vitality upon taking these natural supplements. Finally, herbal supplements come with considerably less cost than pharmaceutical pills. The cost of production for prescription drugs is much higher so manufacturers invariably pass on the cost to consumers. Taking all of these into consideration, you may want to ditch your pills and exchange them with a natural alternative. But whether you decide to take a male herbal supplement or prescription drugs to address your male health issues, be sure to get all necessary information about the product before actually taking it. It is always important to have safety as a determining factor above everything else. And remember that supplements deliver different results for each individual so make sure to set only reasonable goals for yourself. Study your options carefully and take the safest route towards having a more satisfying sexual experience. You can search online to find herbal supplement that suited your need. It is easy to find. Just use the search engine and type the keyword 'male herbal supplement', you will find them easily.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Germanium - Side Effects, Contraindications and Complications

Germanium, or germanium-132, is a chemical element commonly used to treat cancer of the lung, bladder, breast, uterus or bladder. Proponents of germanium claim it can naturally treat cancer with few side effects. No scientific evidence supports these claims. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, germanium is a potential health hazard that could cause serious physical harm. Severe organ damage, some of which have caused death, have reportedly been caused by germanium. Proponents claim only inorganic germanium can cause serious harm, but recent studies have showed both organic and inorganic germanium can be potentially dangerous for human consumption. Potential Side Effects of Germanium According to WebMD, germanium can cause serious side effects even with short-term use. Common side effects that occur with short-term use include: * Lack of healthy red blood cells (anemia) * Muscle weakness * Nerve problems, possibly nerve damage * Loss of appetite (anorexia) * Unintentional weight loss * Nausea * Vomiting * Fatigue, pronounced exhaustion * Skin rashes * Numbness in the hands or feet * Seizures These side effects worsen the longer you take it. Eliminating its use may alleviate some, but not all symptoms. The nerve damage caused by its toxic buildup inside the body, for example, can become permanent. Potential Long Term Effects of Germanium Numerous health organizations, including the American Cancer Society (ACS), have identified several serious long term effects caused by germanium. These effects include: * Kidney damage * Changes in liver function * Kidney failure, sometimes chronic * Fatty liver (hepatic steatosis) According to the FDA, nine deaths have also been reported. As little as 15 grams was administered prior to their deaths. Possible Contraindications There is little information available about germanium's contraindications with other drugs, although most researchers agree that it should not be used with other drugs. Feroseminde, sold under the trade name Lasix, may not work as effectively when taken with germanium. Germanium may also amplify the effects of drugs that increase the risk for kidney damage. Because of germanium's potential side effects, this supplement is rarely recommended. Pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid its use, as fetal damage has been documented. People who are at risk for kidney failure, fatty liver, or any type of cancer should not take this supplement. People who are on drugs or supplements that increase the risk for carcinogenesis should avoid using this supplement.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Make Your Penis Bigger at Home

1. Penis enlargement is a lie. Wrong. You may be surprised to know that thousands of men have successfully enlarged their penis size by at least half an inch (the commercials about penis enlargement products will tell you you'll gain at least 1-3 inches. This is very optimistic, although very possible!) Without any surgery, or augmentation. These are done with cheap methods that are actually safer than you think. 2. Penis enlargement Is expensive. Wrong again. Most men don't even touch the subject of enlarging their penis because they think its too expensive. While its true that surgery costs at least $300 for tjust the consultation fee, effectively enlarging the penis size at home costs less than that. Some methods are even free, although they take longer to produce results! The truth behind penis enlargement pills. These things are everywhere now, on TV, on the internet, and even your email box. The main secret to using penis enlargement pills properly is buying the right one. You probably won't be shocked to hear that over 50% of penis enlargement pills available right now are total fads. They don't work. If you take a quick 5 minute online search on these popular pills, you'll see that nearly all of them are made of herbal ingredients such as Gingko biloba, Tribulus terrestis, Guarana extract, Epimedium, Maca and various other extracts. Most of these fad products contain filler ingredients which just make up weight for the pills to meet production requirements. These filler ingredients are completely useless. These products are the main reason why penis enlargement pills have been famous for being ineffective. This is why you must look for genuine products that have been around for many years. The beauty of these enlargement pills is that they can be bought online without any prescriptions. Men with erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual performance may be surprised to hear that these penis enlargement pills are also good for boosting erectile function and boosting sexual performance drastically! Most of the ingredients used in making these pills are also used in making natural erectile dysfunction supplements.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Nutritional Supplements, Men's Potency Products Hide Dangerous Drugs

Earlier this year we got the news that at least 72 weight loss products that were touted as "nutritional supplements" to aid weight loss were not natural products at all. Rather than vitamins, minerals, and herbs that might curb appetite, they contained sometimes dangerous doses of weight-loss drugs. Four of these drugs have not been approved for sale in the U.S. - one because it is suspected of causing cancer. One is a potent diuretic, while one is an anti-seizure medication. All of these products pose a serious health risk because the pharmaceutical ingredients can cause problems such as high blood pressure, seizures, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), palpitations, heart attack, and stroke. The higher the dosage, the bigger the risk. This is not a trivial warning: taking too much of any of these products could result in death or permanent disability. Because these weight loss products have been marketed as dietary supplements, they did not come under the scrutiny of the FDA. Had the manufacturers declared the pharmaceutical drugs contained in them, they would have been regulated and at least 4 would have been prohibited from sale in the U.S. The FDA is now asking for a recall of these products. If it is not forthcoming, they have the authority to seize goods and initiate criminal charges. To see the list of 72 tainted weight loss products, and learn more about the drugs they contain, visit the FDA website. Add male potency to weight loss... Now, new reports are coming out that warn against male potency drugs carrying the same risk. The FDA began investigating after a customer complaint, and have now issued a statement that "Stiff Night" contains an ingredient that can dangerously lower blood pressure and is illegal. The product is marketed as an all-natural dietary supplement, but in fact contains an illegal ingredient which can cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure when used with prescription drugs. Meanwhile, it is being sold in drug stores and on-line, even at outlets such as Amazon. Consumers will do well to read labels and know what they're buying before investing in products which could bring on serious health complications, or even death.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Natural ADHD Supplement Is Better - Discover Why

Many parents choose an ADHD supplement, rather than a prescription drug for their children. Many adults with attention deficit disorders also choose supplements rather than drugs. Here are some of the reasons people prefer to go the natural route. Side Effects Stimulant medications are the treatments most commonly prescribed for attention deficit disorders. Ritalin, for example, is a stimulant drug. The effects of the drug are similar to those of cocaine. Research has shown that in children Ritalin can cause stunted growth. The main thing concerning researchers is that there have not been enough controlled scientific trials to confirm if the drugs are safe for use in children, especially very young children. There have been reports of cardiac arrest in children taking Ritalin. Like other stimulants, the drug causes heart rate to increase and blood pressure to rise. Those effects could be deadly, depending on the child's current state of health. Non-stimulant drugs have been developed as an alternative. Atomoxetine, for example, is approved for treating the disorders. Side effects are similar to those of anti-depressant drugs and stimulants. Dry mouth, fatigue, irritability, increased blood pressure and heart rate are common side effects. Most people choose an ADHD supplement because of the side effects and risks associated with drug therapy. Cost Although prescription drugs are partially covered by insurance in most cases, there are co-pays, which can be expensive. The cost of supplements is sometimes less. It is also possible to self-treat the condition with nutritional supplements. So, people can avoid the expense of consulting a doctor. Healthy Alternative Today, many people are seeking the healthier alternatives. In years past, there was a reliance on the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. People trusted their doctors and their drugs to keep them healthy. From news reports and personal research, we have learned that prescription drugs are not good for our health. Most cause some kind of damage to the liver. Long-term drug therapy is obviously not as healthy as taking an ADHD supplement. Many people find that the supplements improve their health in other ways. For example, they may feel more energetic, but less frenetic. Their thoughts are clear and focused. More Effective Drugs do not address the underlying causes of attention deficit disorders. Doctors are not even sure about what causes the disorders. At best, the drugs are treating measurable symptoms. There is no indication that drug therapy improves test scores or school performance. An ADHD supplement could address nutritional deficiencies or other underlying causes of hyperactive behavior. The supplements may be used in combination with other holistic treatments, such as cutting out artificial preservatives, flavorings, colors and other additives. While there have been no studies comparing the benefits of drugs to the benefits of supplements, individuals who have tried both report they are happier with the supplements; they feel they are more effective. Safer, healthier and more effective. Those are the reasons to choose an ADHD supplement rather than a drug. Since there are many supplements on the market, consumers need help in choosing the best ones. That's a subject for a future article.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Medicare Supplement and Part D Drug Plans In Plain English

If you are about to turn 65, you, no doubt, have already signed up for Medicare or at least you've read the info about signing up. So the first question to resolve is should you get a Medicare supplement plan and prescription coverage from Part D or should you go into a Medicare Advantage plan? For the sake of this article, let's assume you already have your Medicare set up. So the next question becomes, now what? Medicare was easy, mostly because there's only one place you can get it, namely, the federal government. After you have your Medicare in place, however, you're only a third of the way done. Medicare covers 80% of your hospital and physician fees, but there are still two other health insurance plans you need. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans The first is called Medicare supplement insurance, and it does exactly what its name implies. It supplements your Medicare plan. What that means in plain English is that your Medicare supplement insurance pays the difference between what Medicare pays, which in most cases is 80%, and the total amount of your hospital and doctor bills. So far it's all pretty easy to understand, right? Medicare pays 80% and your supplement insurance plan pays the remaining 20%, assuming you choose the right plan. But this is where the major private insurance companies come into the picture and make it as difficult as possible for the average person to understand. Each year they come up with different Medicare supplement plans to choose from, they assign them each a letter of the alphabet so, assumingly, you can tell them apart. IN 2010, for example, at the time of this writing, Medicare supplement plans A through N are available, except for E, H, I, and J, which are no longer available. Medicare Part D Drug Plans The major private insurance companies offer several part D drug plans to choose from. The difference here from plan to plan is in the amount of your deductable, which can range from no deductable at all to a $310. Your deductable, of course, is the total amount you must spend yourself on prescription drugs before your coverage kicks in. The lower your deductable, the higher the monthly premium you pay. So with zero deductable, you'll pay the highest monthly premium. There's also something called gap coverage that you'll need to understand, because after your coverage kicks in, either at zero or $310, when your total prescription drug cost reaches $2700 per calendar year, the major insurance companies actually stop paying until your total drug cost reaches $4350. Again, these figures are based on 2010 plans at the time of this writing, and so, are subject to change. My insurance agent advised that this will become perfectly clear if you think of the coverage gap as a donut hole, as it's sometimes called. What The Major Private Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know The major private insurance companies are not likely to tell you that the government requires each insurance company to offer exactly the same Medicare supplement and Part D drug plans within each specific state. What this means in plain English is that Medicare supplement plans A through N, for example in Texas, must have exactly the same features from each insurance company. In other words, Plan A from one provider must be exactly the same as plan A from any other provider. Plan B from one provider must be exactly the same as Plan B from any other provider, and so on. The good news is that if you find supplement plans A through N a bit difficult to understand, at least you'll only have to understand them once because each letter plan must be exactly the same from one insurance company to the next. With regard to Part D Drug plans, the same holds true. Each provider offers three Part D drug plans to choose from, sometimes referred to as good, better, and best, but the federal government also requires each of those plans to be exactly the same from one provider to another. How to Choose the Right Medicare Supplement and Drug Plan Because each specific plan must be exactly the same from one provider to the next your first step is to choose the best Medicare supplement plan (A-N) and the best Medicare Part D drug plan for your specific needs and situation. While defining each plan (A-N) goes beyond the scope of this article, I will make a few suggestions of what to look for. Also keep in mind that although the individual plans may change from year to year, the one constant is that whatever Plan A is from one provider, Plan A from any of the others is required to be exactly the same. Last year, for example, I chose Medicare Supplement Plan F and a $310.00 deductable drug plan. As you're only able to change plans in a small window of time, which this year is from November 15th through December 31st, it's important to choose the right plans from the beginning. So far so good with both. My Plan F has actually covered the full 20% in every instance and my drug plan is looking like it was the right choice as well, especially after I met my deductable. Even before, however, my drug plan was getting me discounted prices on non-generic prescription drugs. So, to recap, if each individual plan is exactly the same from one company to another, how do you choose the right insurance company? First you learn everything you can about each of the individual plans from your independent health insurance agent, which makes choosing the right health insurance agent your first priority. You need a licensed, experienced agent who will take the time to explain the various plans in a way that you can understand. Next, customer service will vary from company to company, so word of mouth, either good or bad, can help you decide. Because past history is the best predictor of future results, consider past experiences with the claim or customer service department either you or someone you know may have had with any of the major insurance companies. And finally, now that you know that all plans must be exactly the same from one company to another, why not go with the company that offers the lowest monthly premiums, assuming, of course, that it's a national brand that you've heard of? In other words, if company A, the one that sends you a mailing every other day for three months before you turn 65 until three months after, charges a lot more than company B for exactly the same coverage, then why not go with company B?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fighting Depression Without Drugs - Techniques and Supplements For a Healthier Mind and Body

If you have been feeling lonely or depressed lately, then happiness might be the one thing you really want. According to Dr. James S. Gordon in his book Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey out of Depression, "depression is a sign that our lives are out of balance." Dr. Gordon is the clinical director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. If you want your spirit back online, Dr. Gordon recommends a systemic approach utilizing several different healing techniques which include meditation, acupuncture, dancing, and therapy. If you suffer from more severe depression, it is suggested that you see a psychotherapist, medical doctor, or a naturopath. Otherwise, try one of our recommended exercises to battle depression: 1. Confront negative emotions. Feelings such as guilt, resentment, or pride can promote more depression and prevent you from achieving happiness. Confront your negative emotions face-to-face by writing down an imaginary conversation between you and any of your emotions. Write as much as you can in ten minutes and make no attempts to censor yourself. Then ask the emotion why it exists and what it hopes to gain. Accept any answers that come to you. You might gain an intimate knowledge regarding those issues. 2. Take a brisk walk. Getting up off your buns and taking a walk can help relieve depression. Walking can help you recognize the personal changes that need to be done in your life. Do not make it hard on yourself. Start with a 10-minute melancholy stroll by yourself or with a walking buddy, and see where it takes you on the physical and emotional level. 3. Find a support group. Make it a point to join a mind-body group which can provide support for people with depression. Choose a group that is led by an expert psychologist, naturopath, or social worker. 4. Maintain yourself in present time consciousness. According to Dr. Gordon, happiness comes when you find yourself in present-time consciousness, an awareness of what is going on right now. Let go of what happened to you in the past and enjoy everything the present time has to give you. 5. Punch out unhappiness. You can do this by kneeling in front of a few thick, fluffy pillows or standing in front of a boxing bag. Inhale deeply, think about what is preventing you from achieving happiness, and punch away for the next 5 minutes. When you are done, write about your experience. What thoughts popped up in your head during the 5 minutes you were doing this exercise? Do this daily for a few weeks or months or as much as you need. 6. Start dancing. You can burn off negative tension and elevate your mood with the following exercise. Create a CD or playlist of upbeat songs you love. Then close your eyes, and start dancing upon hearing the first note. Do this for five minutes even if you feel uncomfortable or silly. When you are done, relax for a minute or two and then start dancing vigorously for the next five minutes or so. 7. Release yourself of any grudges you carry against those who wronged you. When we forgive others, only then can we forgive ourselves, according to Gordon. Maintaining a grudge can promote further depression. Scientific studies show that forgiveness improves the health of the heart and elevates your mood. Here is how to do it. Sit comfortably, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then say, "I forgive you for what you have done to me." In addition to practicing any of these seven techniques, you might want to consider taking nutritional supplements such as multivitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and tryptophan. Look for multivitamins that have a high B vitamin content. You also want to target multivitamins that have depression-relieving minerals such as chromium, selenium, and magnesium. At doses of up to 3,000 mg daily, omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil or flax seeds can help boost the function of all neurons (nerve cells) including your brain cells. Tryptophan can boost the amount of neurotransmitters in more severe cases of depression. This molecule can elevate the same positive brain chemical as antidepressant drugs except it has fewer side effects. Tryptophan should be used under the guidance of a naturopath, nutritionist, or physician. By practicing any of these seven techniques and utilizing nutritional supplements to battle depression, you will be on your way to achieving a healthier mind and body.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Natural ADD Supplements -- Say No to Drugs

Natural ADD Supplements - Alternative Treatment for ADD/ADHD A big concern of parents these days is if and when they are going to receive the "official" diagnosis - that little Johnny or little Susie has ADD/ADHD. They were aware that their child was a bit overactive. And the report from the teachers was that little Johnny had a hard time focusing, getting along with others, and remaining "on task." But the "official" diagnosis meant that they were expected to do something about this "problem." And that "something" was probably expected to be a drug like Ritalin. Many parents are informed by teachers or health care professionals that they will be failing their children if they decide against putting them on Ritalin or other drugs routinely used to treat ADD. Lots of parents, wanting their children to lead happy and productive lives, give in to the pressure because of a lack of information about alternative treatments. Natural ADD Supplements are Finally Reaching the Mainstream Some parents are however, beginning to question the wisdom of stringing their children out on drugs like Ritalin and other amphetamines routinely used to treat ADD/ADHD. Neurochemically, these drugs share a similarity to cocaine. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Britain do not routinely prescribe stimulants for ADD/ADHD as we do here in the U.S. As a matter of fact, stimulants in the U.S. are prescribed for ADD/ADHD at a rate of five times that of all the other world's countries combined. The UN recently reported that between 3 and 5 percent of the schoolchildren in America are currently taking Ritalin. But things are beginning to change. More and more parents are beginning to learn about natural ADD supplements. They are beginning to seek alternatives to stimulants such as Ritalin, Cylert, and Dexedrine, or antidepressants like Prozac or Wellbutrin, or other commonly prescribed medications such as Desipramine and Clonidine. Alternative Treatments and Natural ADD Supplements Although the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD may be justified for some kids, it is felt that in a lot of cases the diagnosis is misplaced and undeserved. Most kids are naturally active and curious -- it is the nature of the child. But in this daycare oriented society, the model child is the one who sits still all day and is "seen, not heard." The child who seems to be a bit overactive, the one who tries climbing the bookshelf, or the one who has a difficult time turning it off after coming in from the playground, risk the "official" diagnosis. According to Ward Dean, MD, "A major contributing factor to the ADD epidemic is the little-known fact that public (government) schools all have federally-supported programs for the learning disabled. The more children who are diagnosed with ADD, the more federal money the schools receive, giving public schools a tremendous incentive to maintain as high a number of children with ADD as possible." So when it comes to natural ADD supplements, what is found to be effective? A growing school of thought seems to point to your child's diet as a significant contributing factor in her inability to remain "on task." Unfortunately, this subject is beyond the scope of our discussion. However just briefly, a diet high in protein and fat (polyunsaturated) and low in carbohydrates, has been shown to add focus to hyperactive children. As for the nutrients and homeopathic remedies that are gaining in popularity for their effectiveness, let's look at a few. DMAE -- occurs naturally in such foods as sardines and anchovies (you feed them to your kids, right)? DAME has been shown to be a real brain booster. Magnesium -- this mineral has been called the unappreciated "mineral of life." Magnesium is responsible for activating the over 300 enzymes that are absolutely necessary for the biochemical reactions of our brain cells. 5-HTP -- this is what's called a precursor of (comes before and is required for the production of) serotonin. Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter responsible for natural feelings of well being. Serotonin deficiencies have been linked to depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances as well as over eating and carbohydrate craving.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Herbal Supplement Products - Are They Good Us Or Bad For Us?

Herbal products come with several advantages that most people overlook when they choose synthetic and chemical drugs over natural, organic and herbal alternatives, mainly because of the advertising capability of the pharmaceutical industry. For starters, herbal products have absolutely no side effects. Everything that comes from nature is well balanced and while they may take slightly longer to produce the same effect as modern medication, they cause no unwanted side effects. In fact, a lot of organic and herbal medicines come with added bonuses in the form of immunity. There are several health supplements that, in addition to providing nutrients, boost the immune system of the body making it more resistant to infections. Due to the relatively higher abundance of herbal products, they are usually cheaper to acquire and produce than laboratory synthesized chemical drugs and supplements. A lot of money is invested in research and development of drugs, most of which can be bypassed when it comes to herbal medication and thereby the prices are lower but the effect is the same. In the unlikely event that the result is something unexpected or unwanted, there is always the chance to counter. Nature has an antidote or reverse effect for everything that it manufactures. Such freedom is not available with modern drugs. Moreover, one always has the satisfaction and confidence of consuming something that is pure and naturally available. Unlike normal drugs, herbal medicines are not addictive in any aspect. With specific pharmaceuticals, there is the chance that reduced usage leads to paranoia or other psychological and neurological side effects, so you can use as much as you feel is the right amount and not be addicted or harmed by the herbal product. Due to greater awareness of the side effects of chemical and synthetic drugs, the use of natural and organic substances with medicinal properties has drastically increased. Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or herbalism, employs plants or the various parts of plants to cure illnesses and diseases and treat physical injuries. There is also a certain category of herbal substances that can be used by anyone to improve their overall well-being, hygiene and both physical and mental health. Broadly, these are referred to as Herbal Supplements. While the use of herbs, plants and other botanical organisms has been prevalent for the past millennia or so, herbal supplements have become commercially popular only recently. Supplements are additionally consumed with the regular diet to ensure that all essential nutrients are provided to the body in substantial quantities. For example, a regular meat eater loses out on the vitamins and minerals that are present in plant diets. Herbal supplements, which are extracted from plants, provide these essential nutrients to the person. Herbal supplements provide both treatments and preventions. On one hand, garlic will assist the body in increasing LDLs that reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, which is a boon to those suffering from clogged arteries and on the other a concoction of various natural herbs to give a boost of strength to the user. Users have commented that they feel much more energetic when they take the supplement but unlike synthetic supplements, herbal supplements are not addictive.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diet Supplements - Exposing the Pros and Cons of Fast Weight Loss Drugs

In order to lose weight without tiring oneself, some people take pills that promise fast weight loss. But not all people should take these weight loss drugs without knowing the side effects these pills can do to the body. One should be aware of the pros and cons of taking these pills to avoid putting their health at risk. Here is a list of weight loss supplements with their corresponding advantages and disadvantages: Apple Cider Vinegar- This kind of vinegar can suppress a person's appetite. Some weight loss programs require their followers to take apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar supplements come in pills that should be taken before eating a meal. If you are short in terms of budget, you can take two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar exactly thirty minutes before eating. Be careful though; this supplement can contribute to an upset stomach once it is abused. Bitter Orange- Bitter Orange is an herb that is known to flush out unwanted fats from our bodies. You should be warned though that this herb becomes harmful once you consume it along with other weight loss supplements. This herb, when taken with other medicines, provides side effects to its user. High blood pressures, difficulty in breathing and heart-related problems are some of the side effects that bitter orange can give. Chitosan- Dieticians say that Chitosan acts as a fat magnet as it pulls cholesterol while making its way out of the body. Side effects may not be visible from one to three months of use, but it is proven to give negative digestive reactions after. Chitosan is a fast weight loss supplement that is acquired from the shells of sea creatures. Chromium- Chromium helps an individual to have leaner muscles and a sexier body whenever he/she needs immediate results. If you are following a strict diet and going through a rigorous exercise, the chromium then indirectly contributes to faster shedding of pounds. When this supplement is abused, the user experiences uncontrolled anxiety attacks. Fucoxanthin- This supplement has been proven to help eliminate fats especially in the abdominal area. This allows males and females to have their dream six-pack abs. This drug is an anti-oxidant that burns calories near the abdomen. Amazingly, this supplement prevents fats from forming inside our bodies. This supplement, found in edible sea weeds, is also known to avoid diabetes and chronic heart disease. Guarana- This supplement comes in the form of black seeds that contains caffeine. This was originally obtained in the Amazon's rain forest. Experts say that the caffeine in Guarana is higher than coffee beans. Since Guarana is considered as a stimulant, it can still contribute a few harmful effects to one's body like a noticeable increase in one's heartbeat and frequent attacks of anxiety. Now that you are aware of these supplement's side effects, be careful in using each of it. If you want fast weight loss, be sure to be cautious in everything you eat, drink and do or else, your condition will be put to danger.