Thursday, November 3, 2011

Herbal Supplement Products - Are They Good Us Or Bad For Us?

Herbal products come with several advantages that most people overlook when they choose synthetic and chemical drugs over natural, organic and herbal alternatives, mainly because of the advertising capability of the pharmaceutical industry. For starters, herbal products have absolutely no side effects. Everything that comes from nature is well balanced and while they may take slightly longer to produce the same effect as modern medication, they cause no unwanted side effects. In fact, a lot of organic and herbal medicines come with added bonuses in the form of immunity. There are several health supplements that, in addition to providing nutrients, boost the immune system of the body making it more resistant to infections. Due to the relatively higher abundance of herbal products, they are usually cheaper to acquire and produce than laboratory synthesized chemical drugs and supplements. A lot of money is invested in research and development of drugs, most of which can be bypassed when it comes to herbal medication and thereby the prices are lower but the effect is the same. In the unlikely event that the result is something unexpected or unwanted, there is always the chance to counter. Nature has an antidote or reverse effect for everything that it manufactures. Such freedom is not available with modern drugs. Moreover, one always has the satisfaction and confidence of consuming something that is pure and naturally available. Unlike normal drugs, herbal medicines are not addictive in any aspect. With specific pharmaceuticals, there is the chance that reduced usage leads to paranoia or other psychological and neurological side effects, so you can use as much as you feel is the right amount and not be addicted or harmed by the herbal product. Due to greater awareness of the side effects of chemical and synthetic drugs, the use of natural and organic substances with medicinal properties has drastically increased. Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or herbalism, employs plants or the various parts of plants to cure illnesses and diseases and treat physical injuries. There is also a certain category of herbal substances that can be used by anyone to improve their overall well-being, hygiene and both physical and mental health. Broadly, these are referred to as Herbal Supplements. While the use of herbs, plants and other botanical organisms has been prevalent for the past millennia or so, herbal supplements have become commercially popular only recently. Supplements are additionally consumed with the regular diet to ensure that all essential nutrients are provided to the body in substantial quantities. For example, a regular meat eater loses out on the vitamins and minerals that are present in plant diets. Herbal supplements, which are extracted from plants, provide these essential nutrients to the person. Herbal supplements provide both treatments and preventions. On one hand, garlic will assist the body in increasing LDLs that reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, which is a boon to those suffering from clogged arteries and on the other a concoction of various natural herbs to give a boost of strength to the user. Users have commented that they feel much more energetic when they take the supplement but unlike synthetic supplements, herbal supplements are not addictive.

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