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An Addictive Romance With Prescription Drugs - Combat it With Bodybuilding Supplements

I had a friend who had back surgery several years ago and was put on the prescription pain medication Oxycodone. Obviously this helped with the pain, but years later he found himself addicted to the drug and the amount he was taking wasn't enough anymore, so he continuously upped the dose. This reminded me of a line in the Guns and Roses song Mr. Brownstone from their Appetite for Destruction album, 'I used to do a little but a little wasn't doing so the little got more and more.' Well, the doctor tried to put him on another pill to get him off of the one, but that pill is known to be addictive as well. The bottom line is that it's easy for some people to get addicted to substances. And prescription drugs have become a wide-spread problem. Most of us know someone (or we have one) with an addictive personality. It may even be safe to say that we all have some sort of tendencies to particular substances or habits, whether good or bad. And that's the point of this topic especially concerning prescription substance abuse being a huge problem in our country. A very select few can quit bad habits cold turkey while others go through major withdrawals. For the majority, both our body and mind becomes dependent. This is why I think it's detrimental to not just give up a bad habit, but replace it with something. It's almost as if you need to trick your body and mind. But often times it's an actual substance that you need to replace it with. Now I'm starting to sound like a true addict, but follow me here. My friend also wants to get in shape and become stronger. Passion for an interest, hobby, or career change may work for some, but again, that may not work for most. They need an actual replacement. If you've ever dealt with this type of addiction or have been close to someone who has, then you know this first hand. So what I recommended to him were a few bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplements. I won't get deep into this, but most pharmaceutical companies hate over-the-counter supplements that enhance your performance, health, and help build muscle and strength. Why; because they lose money. Why else would a doctor prescribe another pill that's known to be addictive to get off the one that you're currently addicted too? The truth is there are numerous supplements that will benefit your health as well as boost your strength and grant you energy. Many of these supplements are also known to prevent diseases and promote overall good health. Back to the addiction side, if you're used to popping a pill for pain or just to get through the day, then you may want to pop a different type of pill. Get addicted to something that is healthy and is going to help you build strength and give you energy rather than destroy your system and drag you down. Here's one thing I know about addiction, as well as any of you who suffer from it; it doesn't go away. All you do is replace one with another. We don't really have control over the addictive person inside of us, but we can create an atmosphere for ourselves to where we are replacing bad substances with ones that will benefit us.

Treating Erection Dysfunction With Supplements and Erectile Drugs

Gone are the days when age used to be a factor for men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Expert statistics have revealed alarming information that more and more young men are affected by it. To overcome their sexual dysfunction problems men have either taken to prescription drugs or natural medication options known as male enhancer supplements to overcome their nightmare.
Hence the question of which option is better is raised every now and then. Are prescription drugs better or are the natural alternatives a better choice? Can natural supplements provide the relief from ED or can drugs be trusted to do the job? Does the solution to erectile dysfunction lie with male enhancers or with prescribed medications? Let's explore both options so that we can arrive at the best conclusion and solution for ED and also get to know how to effectively deal with it.
Treating ED with Natural Supplements
Natural Supplements are just as popular for treating ED as erectile drugs are. There is equal demand for natural alternatives just as there is for prescription medication. The fear of adverse side effects has pushed more men to take natural enhancements instead of prescription alternatives. Men who cannot afford big money on ED drugs prefer to take natural medications as they are relatively cheaper and do not require a prescription.
The benefits that supplements offer over their erectile drug counterparts are numerous and we have them listed here for convenience.
  • Male Enhancement Supplements work faster
  • Natural Supplements last for a longer time period in the blood stream
  • Natural alternatives for erection dysfunction have no reported side effects
  • They cost only a fraction of the price of a prescribed pill
  • Can be purchased over the counter without a doctor's prescription
  • They can be obtained online discreetly and privately
  • Some of them can be taken with alcohol
  • Apart from treating ED they also treat premature ejaculation and low testosterone
Treating Erection Dysfunction with Erectile Drugs
Some men prefer to take prescription medications no matter what! If you opt to treat ED with erectile drugs, it is necessary to see a doctor at first. A doctor's prescription alone will get you the pill. But ensure that you check out the FDA website before going to your doctor. The website has listed all the documented side effects of prescription medications.
Check with the doctor the risks that you will have to endure if you took these medicines. Make sure that you get to know whether they can be taken with alcohol and other medicines that you may be consuming as a result of another medical condition. Cross verify the documented side effects listed on the FDA website and when convinced you can go ahead and take them.
Risk of Treating ED with Prescription Drugs
There are some known risks of using prescription drugs to treat ED. Here's a few that you may not have known about before:
  • Prolonged erection lasting more than four hours
  • Sudden loss of hearing or vision
  • Muscle aches
  • Stomach aches
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Unsafe to use with alcohol
Why more Men Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Supplements?
As you can see, there is much to compare when considering erectile drugs or natural supplements for treating ED. If you are wondering why more men use supplements, perhaps the best answer is that they don't require a prescription and are more affordable. That spells one simple answer in the end that most men desire: convenience and ease of use. Only you can decide which treatment option is right for you. But knowing beforehand will help you arrive at the best conclusion.
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